About Judy

Hi. I’m Judy Ann Espiritu. My friends call me Judy or Judai, some Ate Judy since I was given the privilege to stop studying and work for a living so most of my classmates were younger than me. Meanwhile, people from my hometown call me Dy- Ann. I studied Journalism from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. I was once a call center agent from Convergys, a part-time tutor in Ahead Tutorial and Review Center in Baliuag and is now currently working as a Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator for Santeh Feeds Corporation.

A simple person with some simple dreams. I like to eat and travel. I have commuted from Metro Manila to Bulacan and vice versa since college. It most likely contributed to my fondness to the latter plus the fact that my work somehow involves traveling around the country.

Traveling has become a  punishment that I have to bear big chunk of my every day life. And I admit that the experiences I gained on the everyday escapades made me a much better person (*Who am I kidding? Hahahaha). Seriously though, I get to see and experience different things every day. People might say it gets boring and it is very taxing. But then, the peace of mind that the scenery gives to me (plus the cute guys you get to sit and mingle with) every time I do this, makes me contemplate on buying a car realize it is worth it.


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